The Portuguese Echo

As you may know, I’m currently in Brazil–which means I need to know Portuguese to communicate. The area I’m in (northeast Brazil) has very few people who know English. I tried to learn as much Portuguese as I could before I got here, but it’s been a challenge for sure!
At first, when I arrived Portuguese sounded like, “blah, blah, blah–word I know!–blah, blah, blah–voce (means ‘you’)–blah–agora (means ‘now’)” etc. But it gets better the more you try and try to understand it. Now, I’m so used to struggling to learn Portuguese than every word that crosses my mind comes with a Portuguese echo (if I know the Portuguese equivalent). So, like this: I (Eu) acho (think) that (que) I (eu) hear (ouvir) a Portuguese echo (um echo Portugues).
If you know Portuguese at all, you know I’m missing all the accents and cedillas and so on. I don’t know how to do it on this computer (English computer, you see). Wish me luck with this strange new language!


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7 responses to “The Portuguese Echo

  1. I just began to study Spanish which is similar to Portuguese. I understood their grammar are similar to English. So if we can learn vocabulary, we may speak well. 🙂


    • The grammar is somewhat similar, but sometimes the word order is different. Apparently Portuguese has more verb tenses than English too. Hope your Spanish is going well!


  2. Alexia

    I was told recently that you speak another language better when you’re drunk…


  3. Nice Post! I realy enjoyed it! Portuguese seems to be difficult but become easy when you take a chance to pronounce some words. I studied english long time ago and now i can realize that in this last couple of weeks I’m improving it. So don’t feel shy if you want to learn I can help you. When I felt shy i didn’t learn. So I’d like so much to keep contact with anyone how wants to learn portugues, because I want to speak english as well.


    • Thanks, Marcel! Glad you liked the post 🙂 I need to be less shy about practicing… it is true you dont improve if you are shy about it. I love to help out with English too!


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