Bookish Thoughts on Jane Austen – All My Rants and Theories

Here’s a compilation of the posts I’ve written about Jane Austen‘s works over the years. Do I still agree with every theory I came up with in these posts? Well, feel free to ask me about any of the points below!

Emma and Mr. Knightley

Jane Austen in General

In Jane Austen, Nice Guys Finish First

People love to argue that Jane Austen’s heroes are rich, and that’s why they get the girl. Here I argue that maybe it’s because they’re “nice” – some fictional examples of the nice guy getting the girl.

Ranking Jane Austen – Is It Possible?

I still struggle to rank her books.

The Pleasures of Re-Reading: Or, Surprise! I Actually Like This Book

If you had to read some of Jane Austen’s works more than once to get what the fuss was all about – no worries, I also had to reread some of them.

The Trouble With Modern Romance

My theory on why Jane Austen does romance better than some modern books.

Pride and Prejudice

Why Some Girls Like Mr. Darcy

Once again – not necessarily because he’s “rich.”

You Might Relate to Mary Bennett, but You’re Not Supposed to Imitate Her

Mary Bennett gets a lot of good press for someone whom Austen describes as unpleasant.

How to Catch a Man 101: Show More Affection Than You Feel

Typical Austen advice for getting married.

Advice for an Introvert in Fiction

Austen’s advice to introverts – or maybe just Lizzie Bennett’s advice, you decide.

Mansfield Park

Rant About Jane Austen’s ‘Mansfield Park’

My summary of my thoughts and frustrations with Mansfield Park – shocker, I go back and forth on how much I like this book.

The Books You Fight With

Another shocker – I wrestle with Manfield Park.

Secret Admirers Don’t Exist

Here I contrast Mansfield Park with The Hunger Games.

Northanger Abbey

Do People Fall in Love Out of Gratitude?

Does the ending to Northanger Abbey suck the romance out of the novel?


The Best Kind of People to Hang Out With

The kind of society Austen seems to have enjoyed – and which I enjoy as well.

Sense and Sensibility

My Frustrations Upon Rereading Sense and Sensibility

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