Published Work

Selected articles I have published in various other publications:

Purpose-Driven Purging: Minimalism Is Not the New Christian Approach to Managing Possessions (Feature, Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity, Sept/Oct 2019)

Minimalism is not the new Christian approach to managing possessions.

Original Sin: Luther’s Other Life-Changing Doctrine (Reformed Perspective, October 2019)

Every Reformation Day we remember how God used Luther to teach the Church that we are justified by faith alone, not by what we do. But often overlooked is how God used Luther to revive another forgotten, life-changing, doctrine: original sin.

Globe and Mail: Contemplating My Uncertain Future, One Potato at a Time (April 2018)

My ancestors never wanted me to work growing potatoes like they did, but I’m here anyway, newly graduated and unemployed.

On Not Hurting Anyone While Dating (Christian Connection, #3 most popular article of 2018)

I used to try my hardest not to hurt anyone in dating. I’d be very careful not to be too friendly to guys I wasn’t interested in. I’d be wary of being too friendly to guys I was interested in, because what if I got to know them better and then found out I didn’t actually like them that much? Wasn’t that leading them on? Needless to say, this is not a productive dating strategy. But more than that, it’s probably not meant to be how we’re supposed to relate to other human beings at all.


Other Published Work:

Should a Christian Ever be Discontent? (Cover article, Reformed Perspective, July 2018)

rp coverWhen is it okay to give up on the path you’re currently traveling on? When is it okay to quit and change what you’re doing? We know God has a reason for everything He brings into our lives, so doesn’t it just make sense that we should figure out that reason – figure out how to glorify Him in this situation – before we think of moving on to something else?


“You Too?” What Friendship is, and Why It’s so Hard to Find (Reformed Perspective, 2017)

Finding good friends can be a daunting process. Oh, sure, some people seem to slide quickly and easily into friendship in only a matter of days. But for the rest of us there’s questions and more questions. How do good friendships begin? At what point do acquaintances officially become friends? How can you quickly move to that “comfortable stage” where you can just relax around each other? And, why is making friends so hard?

Word of God Lives Beyond the Page (Edmonton Journal, 2014)

Words are some of the longest-lasting things people can make.

Does that sounds strange to you? After all, so many words just go in one ear and out the other. So many words get spoken and forgotten, dispersing like the wind. But words that are worth remembering–they last.