3 Things That Scare Me About Travelling to Brazil

“Praia Juaquina, Florianopolis, Brazil, December 20 2008”, by Mike Vondran. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution License, 2.0 Generic

In psychology, they tell you that the closer you get to an event, the more your excitement increases – and the more your anxiety increases. In fact, your anxiety rises faster than your excitement. Yes, that’s why they make you buy your plane tickets ahead of time. You can’t back out so easily.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about travelling all the way to South America. But…

1.) What if I don’t make it there?

One of my worst nightmares is getting stranded in Chicago or something. Or worse, in Sao Paulo, 1,300 miles away from where I’m supposed to be (and from anyone I vaguely know). I’m flown before, to Europe, but not by myself. And flying has never scared me before, but suddenly I notice the hundreds of things that could go wrong… bags stolen, strip-searched by security, suspected of drug-trafficking or being a terrorist, missing a flight… Oh goodness, now I sound neurotic.

2.) What if I can’t handle the stress?

I’ve never travelled so far alone before, so I hope I can keep a cool head on my shoulders to deal with whatever issues come up. Travelling is fun, but not always completely stress-free. Last year I had some issues with anxiety and stress. This year seems to be better… let’s hope it stays that way!

3.) What if I can’t speak Portuguese?

Yeah, I’ve been trying to learn, because in Brazil that is what they speak. Because not everyone I’ll be meeting will necessarily know any English. But I’ve been learning online and off audio tapes, so what if my accent in incomprehensible? I’ve got visions of people staring at me and thinking I’m crazy or something. In addition, I have a condition known as celiac disease, which means I can’t eat a speck of wheat. I hope I’ll have enough Portuguese to be able to tell people, “no bread, please.”


All the same, the day of departure is coming up fast! I’ve scheduled a few blog posts to show up when I’m gone, and for Polly, the Princess, the Enchanter and the Jadess to continue, but if I have computer access in Brazil I may add a couple travel posts as well.  Stay tuned for that!


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9 responses to “3 Things That Scare Me About Travelling to Brazil

  1. Alexia

    Wow, you seem like you might have a panic attack ! Ok, so you’ll probably always find someone who speaks just enough english because it’s a very international language. Just be sure to speak slowly^^
    Where are you going, Rio ? I’m sorry to say but bread is very important in portuguese cuisine, at least in Portugal, so I hope it’s not the same in Brazil !


    • Lol, I make it sound worse than it is. I’m a mix of all kinds of emotions, but a lot of excitement!
      I’ll be in the Northeast part of the country, far from Rio. Apparently rice is pretty important in Brazil, and I can eat rice, so that should be okay. 🙂


  2. Alexia

    Ok, well it sounds nice ! Hope you have fun and don’t get lost =)


  3. I can understand your thought because I was anxious about my travel when I visited Europe.I can’t speak English fluently and I don’t know how to travel there.However, I could enjoy my trip with my friends and I wanted to visit other countries again.Hope you’ll enjoy your trip.:)


  4. You will be fine! I have done a lot of solo travel and it is easier than you might think. Your survival instincts will kick in and force you to get out there and communicate with people (in sign language if need be).
    Also, remember that for every pick pocket jerk our there there are a million angels who would drop everything to help out a stranger in need. I know I have met a few of those when I needed them. It is in our nature to want to help out the genuinely stranded and starving people we encounter.

    I hear they are big on meat in Brazil. I think you will be okay if you can just write down “No Wheat” on a card and show it to the waiters at the restaurants.

    I want to go to Brazil one day. Let us know how it is, and have fun!


    • Thanks! You were right, solo travel is not that bad. So far they don’t seem to be eating as much flour here as they do in North America, so that’s good too!


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