Frustration is…

… having a zillion writing ideas in your head, but not having time to actually write them. Because you have to write a boring, derivative history paper instead. Or study for statistics.

I came across the concept of dead fanfiction today – basically it’s fanfiction that never gets updated because of other life interferences. That can happen with any kind of writing, actually (how many abandoned blogs have you come across? How many novels never get finished?) My hope is that I get a chance to work on these writing ideas before the excitement dies or I forget them…

How do you cope with life getting in the way of writing?


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5 responses to “Frustration

  1. Hehe.. a friend and I used to go back and forth taking turns to write a chapter of our fanfiction… those were the nostalgic days.. I think we’ve probably got at least 3-4 dead fanfiction pieces now…


  2. I can relate to your frustrations with not having enough time to write ideas. I am in the process of working on two W.I.Ps but I have so many other ideas in my head. Why does it take so long to write a novel! I can’t stop thinking about the ideas in my head unless I write an outline or something little about them. I have also found that recording my thoughts with a voice recorder works too and is often faster.


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