Teenage Dreams

This poem was actually on a bus ad – our city has this program called “Poetry on the Bus” to put poetry in everyday transit riders’ lives, and my poem was selected for it a couple years back. It was actually pretty cool to hear some of my friends saw it. It’s actually the last two verses of a longer poem I wrote for school, but I had to chop it down because it was too long.

Teenage Dreams:

I want the best of both worlds, really

To be too young for my road to be hilly

With the carefree-ness of my childhood days

But a grown-up freedom in which to play –

I am bound by ties and fetters

Of decorum, and society

Likely my life will follow to the letter

But my dreams? They belong to me.


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2 responses to “Teenage Dreams

  1. I felt the atmosphere of this poem.


    • Thanks! I think being a teenager is a tough time to for many people… time to make decisions and start taking on responsibilities, but you’re not sure how, or if you even want to. That’s what I was trying capture. That and the hope that youthful ambitions and dreams WON’T die…


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