How To Describe Betrayal

Water lilly – public domain

“Maybe you can help me pull the knife out of my back. I can’t quite reach it.”

– Lily Margolis in Lillies in Moonlight, by Allison Pittman

 A very subtle way for Lily Margolis to announce her betrayal, isn’t it? I love how this quote characterizes her as hurt, quick-witted and a little over-dramatic, all at the same time. The book, Lillies in Moonlight, is a great novel set in the 1920s, about a flapper who runs away from home, but doesn’t find happiness on her own in the city either. Then she meets a scarred WWI veteran, and, well, you can read the book to find out how the two determined and wounded people react to each other. Yes, she is talking to him in the above quote.

The book is what’s classified as a “Christian Inspirational Romance,” actually, which generally just means it’s a romance written by someone who is a Christian. I read them somewhat often for fun, though I usually find them quite cliché – probably not any more cliché than romance novels in general, but maybe I just don’t know how to find the good ones. That’s why this particular novel surprised me, and I really did enjoy it. So that’s why it’s the quote for today 🙂

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