Another E-book Prediction Link

So I’ve spent the last three days trying to fight off a nasty virus of some kind, and though my head is swimming with all kinds of great ideas for blog posts (thanks to the stress of exams finally being over), I have almost no energy to write them. Therefore, I will follow up on my previous post, ‘Will E-books Kill the Printed Book?‘ by sharing this link on how book design will change as a result of e-books. It comes to similar conclusions my post did – that paper books probably will continue to exist, even if just for a high-end market of paper book snobs. It’s far more pessimistic than I am though. While I can see such a future might happen, I am by no means convinced it will. But either way – enjoy.

‘What Will Become of the Paper Book?’


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2 responses to “Another E-book Prediction Link

  1. Alexia

    Oh no I don’t want to read something pessimistic… In Paris, everyone’s already saying the paper book is going to disappear, it’s so freaking depressing… Oh, well. I’ll probably read it anyway, I’m just too curious.

    So sorry to hear that you’ve been sick. Hope you feel better soon 🙂


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