Poor Starving Writers – A Thought from Robert Bloch

So I had this problem – work or starve. So I thought I’d combine the two and decided to become a writer.

Robert Bloch

I’ve never read any of Robert Bloch’s work (apparently he wrote Psycho), but this quote sums up why I’ve never really dared to commit to writing for a living. I don’t wanna starve!

Of course, doing a Bachelor of Arts in History is not much better as a guarantee of making enough money to live off of – come to think of it. Looks like I could starve either way. 🙂

I should be more like Gustave Flaubert, who apparently said,

“Writing is a dog’s life, but the only life worth living.


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2 responses to “Poor Starving Writers – A Thought from Robert Bloch

  1. Alexia

    Flaubert also said that the author must be in his work like God in the Universe, nowhere to be seen but still everywhere. Or something like that. I would make such a terrible quote translator…


    • That sort of makes sense. Sometimes it’s really obvious what point the author is trying to make, and it gets annoying because that is more important than the story, but some authors are really good at creating a world and drawing readers in without being annoying.


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