How to Find the Next Fantasy Novel to Read

I’ve blogged before about fantasy novels, and the trouble I’ve had to find more fantasy novels that I enjoy. Which was why I was so excited to see this chart of fantasy (and sci-fi) novels on Slate! It’s easy to follow the options – “Wizard and Barbarians?” “Looking for and Old-fashioned Trilogy?” and even “I’d rather not be seen in that section of the bookstore.” I liked how Terry Brooks is described as about “MacGuffins” and David Eddings  as “stories about orphaned farm boys” 🙂

Here is the full chart (it’s pretty big) – hope you find something new to read, like I did! I might even try diving into the “Sci-Fi” side at some point:

And here the link to the original Slate article that I found it through:

The Layman’s Guide to the Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Novels



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4 responses to “How to Find the Next Fantasy Novel to Read

  1. Alexia

    It looks like an interesting chart, thanks for sharing it with us =)


  2. Dillon

    That was quite amusing… Chuckled all the way through. Thanks! 🙂


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