Blah Days

Five Reasons Today is Blah, and, Is There Any Hope For the Future?

 Yes, I get these too. Far too often, probably. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, after five and a half weeks of excitement in Brazil, that I’d have a blah day once in a while when I got home again. Still, blah days are this awful middle ground when you don’t feel great (or even energetic, for that matter), but you also don’t feel down enough to be depressed. You don’t really feel like anything. It’s kind of yucky, actually.

 My current blah day probably has something to do with:

 Lack of sun:

If it’s grey outside, I’m grey inside. Since I grew up on the sunny prairies, I need a lot of sun in my life. Rain makes me feel all cold, sticky and wet, even if I’m not actually standing in it. Fortunately, in Brazil, there was always hope it would clear up quickly, even though I was technically there in the rainy season.

If the weather changes this weekend, I’ll probably feel better too.


sun! by liz west. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0


School starts next week. Actually, I love school, so it’s weird that I’m so ambivalent about this. But lately I’ve realized being a student is such a selfish existence – you’re studying so you have a better future, you’re spending money (or going into debt) so you have a better education. Not that a good future or good education is a bad thing. It just makes you so inward-focused. If I don’t do some volunteering, or contribute to society in some way this upcoming semester, I’m going to feel like a useless human being.

 Missing being around people:

I’m not that good with people. I’m not exactly outgoing, mind-blowingly witty, or the type that brings people together. That doesn’t mean I don’t like being around people – in fact, I find people-watching fascinating. That’s probably why I’m a writer (instead of a party planner or something). While in Brazil, I was around large groups of people almost twenty-four hours a day, and now suddenly I’m not. At least until school starts again…

 Guilt at not writing:

When you’ve got the blahs, you feel like nothing you write will ever be worth anything to anyone. So why bother trying? Which is why I ended up writing about blah days, instead of the world-changing, thought-provoking topics I should be writing about… (just kidding, since when has this blog been world-changing?)

By photosteve101, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

 The good thing about blah days is that they always go away eventually. What causes the blahs for you? And how do you get over them?


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8 responses to “Blah Days

  1. Loving school is great because the education and learning will help people a lot even if making a difference is later.


  2. Alexia

    Blah days is an expression I never heard before, but I think in french you would say you’re having “un jour sans” or “des jours sans” if there’s more than one day.
    I think it’s normal to have those blah days at the end of the summer, cause it means you have to go back to your real life…

    My blahs come frome the fact that I got used of living in a house, in the country, and am now back in Paris. But I’m smiling just writing that, cause I’m pretty sure you’re thinking “who complains about having to live in Paris ?” Well… I do^^”


  3. When I have a blah day I find my nicest clothes and dress up in them. Lol. I have absolutely no idea why that helps. Oh! And my friend gave me a SADS lamp that shoots UV rays at me.

    I know what you mean about not feeling motivated on blah days, but I’m glad you’re writing about them! It makes mine feel more normal.


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  5. I like to take vitamin d, watch something funny, that helps. But there’s this fellow wordpress writer who stated that he got up early to write, not because it was writing he wanted to do, as much as his goal was to actually do something he ‘really’ wanted to do, and felt good at accomplishing it. I’m going to try to do that too. even if it is a little thing like cleaning a bathroom, or doing a small load of laundry, or writing a poem, even if I end up throwing it away, lol. I hope you don’t have too many blah days.


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