Possibility of Blog Post Scheduling Interruptions! Oh, the Horror!

I mentioned in a previous post that I decided to stay in Brazil three weeks longer. The good news is, that means I like Brazil! (Also, none of the things in 3 Things that Scare Me About Traveling to  Brazil actually was a problem!) The bad news is, I may not be posting as often. Before I left, I scheduled enough posts to cover the weeks I was gone. Every post that has gone up recently was scheduled ahead of time, except for the posts I made about Brazil (The Portuguese Echo and Things You Shouldn’t Do (In Brazil)). So expect interruptions in my usual Monday-Thursday posting schedule, including in my posting of my novel, Why Polly? I guarantee a post on August 20th at the very latest.

I look forward to catching up when I get back! And I plan to post all about Brazil every time I get enough access to the internet here!


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2 responses to “Possibility of Blog Post Scheduling Interruptions! Oh, the Horror!

  1. Alexia

    The horror indeed ! But I’ll try to survive =)
    Hope you still enjoy Brazil !


  2. So cool you get to stay longer in Brazil.

    Have fun!


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