Strange Flotsam in My Bedroom – A Photo-essay

Cleaning your room can unearth the oddest things you forgot you had. I’m a bit of a packrat – a bad habit – so it was high time to do a deep cleaning and clear some stuff out. It’s a wrench to part with some of these things. In fact, most of these I ended up keeping. Such as:

To my surprise, my old piggy bank still had money in it! A grand total of 16 cents, but still…

This is apparently a tooth-holder. For putting your baby teeth in when waiting for the Tooth Fairy to come. I got it as a gift in playschool.

To illustrate my skill as an interior decorator, here is my brilliant idea to fill an old Jones Soda bottle with my dad’s old marbles. Doesn’t it just ooze with originality?

Now THIS is a pen. It would be a pretty neat idea for a pen too, if the pen actually worked. The long, skinny part detaches from his foot, which acts as kind of a pen-stand.

The dude on the left is the aforementioned pen. The dude on the right is – er… a souvenir from Holland. It actually opens in the middle, and you eat ice cream from its belly. My sister and I got one for dessert, after eating dinner at a pancake restaraunt (yes, they eat pancakes for dinner in Holland).

And lastly, my lovely bookshelf is made of vintage apple crates I rescued from my grandparents’ garage. The crates have come in very handy, actually. The one thing I’ve learned from all this cleaning is – I have too many books! Is that even possible? Maybe it’s time for me to go buy a Kindle or something.


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15 responses to “Strange Flotsam in My Bedroom – A Photo-essay

  1. Kindles are not the answer! Who will love all the old books when we buy the crap out of eBooks on our Kindles? USED BOOK JUNKIES FOR LIFE!

    Also, I’m pretty sure a theology book over 50 years old isn’t a legit copy unless it’s used.


    • Lol, I couldn’t afford to go out and get a Kindle anyway, even if I wanted to. Part of my enjoyment of books comes from actually holding them in my hands, and the musty smell of paper. 🙂 And I absolutely love used bookstores too.
      But a Kindle can hold billions more books than my bookshelf currently does!


  2. wendythecactus

    teehee! the pen is so cute! and the piggy bank can easily pass as vintage 😉 im a bit more inspired to clean my room now, acting more out of curiosity than actual obligation or even a desire for cleanliness, wondering what i have buried. i suspect there is a squashed hello kitty doll somewhere.


  3. All of them are cute.I like piggy bank.When I was a child, I use such a bank.I didn’t forge the character.
    I want to buy a kindle but there are few books in Japanese yet.:)


  4. Loved the tour of your room. Yes, if I dig deeply enough…I have some oldies but goodies that I haven’t seen for quite some time. AS for me…well I have a Kindle and I love it. The only reason for buying one is that my house was becoming flooded with books. I am a junkie for books!!!! So a Kindle cut down on the enormous library of books I seem to add all the time. I know it is not the same as holding a book and being able to write in the margins or dog ear a page….but it does cut down on the amount of room I need to store books!!!! Thank you for the tour Harma Mae.


  5. Alexia

    NO. It’s not possible to have too many books =)


    • I agree! I can always buy more books…


      • Alexia

        And I’m not pro-Kindle, it just doesn’t feel the same than actual books. But when you’re old and can’t read cause the letters on the books are too small it can be useful… It’s kinda great to know I’ll never have to stop reading just because of my stupid eyes (I’m only 23 but I’m thinking ahead!)

        You were reading Agatha Christie and Jane Austen as a kid ?! I don’t know the other books… Some of them look like the american edition of the Baby-sitters club but that’s about it…


  6. Hey, Alexia! I’m definitely not pro-Kindle, or completely against the Kindle, either.
    I always read a lot as a kid, including some books I didn’t understand because I was too young. Agatha Christie and Jane Austen weren’t bad to understand at all! Nope, I don’t own any Baby-sitters club books, though I’ve read a couple. I think the ones that look like Baby-sitters club are by Gordon Korman, a Canadian author.


  7. Alexia

    Lol, ok. I read some BSC books when I was a kid, but then the series stopped and it’s only years later that I discovered that there was like two hundred more including the specials. That’s why I recognize the style of the covers =)
    ok, but did you read Emma at the time ? It’s huge for a kid. Even lately I had a hard time finishing it !


    • I read Emma in Grade 12 (when I was 17, maybe?), and it was definitely hard to get through the middle. A bit too much of going for walks to town, and nothing else happening. But the parts where things happened were good!


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