Subscription Disorganization

Or: Aaaaaaaaaah, How Do I Keep Track?


Stress, by Abie Sudiono. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

I haven’t come up with a good organizational system to keep updated on the blogs I follow yet. Not that I’m the most organized person on the planet – see last week’s post for the messy system I came up with to keep my notes for my novel straight. But it seems like there’s a million different ways to keep up with people’s blogs, and none of them work quite as well as I’d like them to.

The easiest method is with WordPress (the blogging platform I use, in case you didn’t know). If you have a WordPress account, you can just click on the little “subscribe” button at the top of the blogs you find interesting. Of course, this means you have to be signed in to WordPress to read your subscriptions, but I usually catch up with them before or after I make a post myself. The downside is this only works for WordPress blogs. Blogger, Tumblr, etc. you have to find another method for.

The other tool I use is Google Reader. If you have a Google account (for Gmail, GoogleDocs, etc.) you can get into Google Reader and type in the web addresses of the blogs you want to follow. The handy thing is you can organize blogs into folders according to topic or whatever you want, which is what I’ve down. My problem is I’ve got lots of blogs on here, and I forget to check this (mainly because I have to sign in to check it). As a result, my Google Reader currently says I have 500 or so updates to read, which I’m never going to catch up on. Also, if I read a blog without going through Google Reader first, it says that update is still unread, even though I’ve read it.

Another method is through email updates. There are only a couple blogs that I follow this way, mainly because I don’t really want to clutter up my inbox. If I get really lazy, I sometimes use my browser to bookmark blogs, because I don’t have to sign in to do this. Unfortunately, bookmarks don’t tell you about updates. And they’re not there if you happen to use a different computer.

The last way I keep up is to click on the person’s name every time they comment on Stories and Stuff, just to see if they’ve updated since I checked last. Sometimes it’s a good reminder, because I realize somehow I’d lost track of one of the blogs I’m interested in.

As a result, I often read blogs in batches, catching up on the last five posts someone wrote all at the same time. So if you’re wondering why sometimes I have five comments all at once, when I haven’t dropped by for a little while, just blame it on my disorganized system of staying updated.

What about you? What methods to you use to stay up-to-date, and how well do they work?


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9 responses to “Subscription Disorganization

  1. Blogspot allows you to put any blog with an RSS feed in your subscriptions. WordPress has some nicer things, such as the ability to reply to a specific comment in thread format, but neither one does what I miss from my LiveJournal days (FaceBook also does it): email replies when you comment on someone else’s blog. WordPress says you can subsribe to followup comments, but it lies. As a result, I often visit a certain page multiple times to see if there are any new comments.


    • That’s strange, the follow-up comment subscription works for me on WordPress.
      I’m sure there’s a better way organize subscriptions than what I’m doing.


  2. You pose an interesting question Harma Mae. I use Google Reader but mostly I rely on emails to my inbox which I check every day….several times a day. This keeps me posted on something I might wish to read. I often forget about Google too. So many things out there to read and not enough hours in the day to read them all!!! I do my best though. Blessings my friend!


  3. Actually, you can subscribe to non-Wordpress blogs too! I just copy the URL of my friends’ blogs that are on blogger/blogspot (or other sites) and under “Manage Subscriptions” you can just input the actual URL of the blog you want to sub to!

    I find it hard too.. especially when life just gets too busy.. but I like using the Read Subscription feature, since it’s sorted by date… usually when I have a moment, I’ll go and just catch up via there!


  4. I use google reader because half of my blog friends use blogger.
    So I can’t use WordPress “subscribe”.
    Besides I use iphone app “Byline” which links google reader very well.
    I add more than 100 rss so I can’t read all of them. lol..


  5. it’s u?hahhaha,so cute


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