An Immeasurable Fairyland

Another ‘light-hearted flight of fancy’ – also, the only bit of poetry I’ve been paid for. In contrast to last week’s poem, it rhymes. 🙂


An Immeasurable Fairyland

I walked into a lonesome glade

Where on stem and leaf and every blade

Of grass there danced a fairy maid

And trails of gems through dew they laid.

Each had a cloud of silver hair

Their dress was white, their feet were bare

And glowing pearls round throats most fair

They danced around crystals most rare.

And round the tree and o’er the stream

A garland like a golden beam

Was hung, the flowers ream on ream

And each was shining with a gleam.

Then finally I turned and left

And though I search till my dying breath

Where that glade was I could not guess

That place of magic fairy-ness.


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