Poetry is whirling words

Apple trees and bright blue birds

Words that make you feel happy

That is poetry.

I’ll be the first to admit what little poetry I’ve written is mostly light-hearted flights of fancy. The one above was on my Grade 8 poetry portfolio, so it seems fitting to start off a short series of poetry here (I’m making a change from my usual posting of fiction on Sundays for a few weeks).


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4 responses to “Poetry

  1. 🙂 I like it!
    I always fall into the “must rhyme poems” and that stops me from writing good stuff.. I know it doesn’t HAVE to rhyme, but I always try and do it anyway! >_<


    • Yeah, I usually have more fun when trying to rhyme, but I don’t usually attempt to follow some strict rhyming scheme like iambic pentameter or something. Non-rhyming can be fun too though.


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