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Typing Vs. Hand-Writing

By the way, I’ve noticed some new visitors here at Stories and Stuff! I’d just like to say “Welcome,” and if you leave a comment I’ll be sure to check out your blog, if you want.

Apparently some writer can just plunk themselves in front of a computer and start writing their masterpiece. I’ve always envied that. It would be so much faster – the thought comes into your head and you’ve typed it up onscreen.

Except when you’re like me, and you plunk yourself in front of a computer screen and every ounce of creativity drains away. Something in the cold technological beast seems to suck the soul out of my writing. Maybe because I learned to write using with pen and ink (I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, even asking my mom to spell out words letter-by-letter so I could write my first story before I could spell). Anyway, somehow when I’m faced with a pen and a sheet of lined paper, the words start to flow. And when I’m faced with a glowing computer screen, they don’t.

My theory is that typing and handwriting use different parts of the brain, and in me only one of them is linked to creativity.

Of course, there’s a few upsides to this. When I type something up it’s like an automatic second draft, and I can proofread while typing. Hopefully I’m less likely to spew and post online without thinking. Also, on paper you can scribble in the margins, cross stuff out, and see exactly what sentences you rejected.

Now, the difference I’ve noticed between printing and writing in cursive is a post for another time.

How to you write? More importantly, how do make your blog posts?


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