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Share the Love (of Writing)

Today I am talking to a Grade 9 class about writing. I have a friend who is a teacher, and he asked me to come in talk about what exactly you can do with your writing other than hand it in for marks in English class. And I think that is a really good idea, because in highschool I was pretty vague about how I could get my writing out there. I knew I wanted my writing to be read, but there was a lot of things about publishing I didn’t understand. So I think some basic info about submitting to fiction magazines and e-publishing would be useful. Also, I think anyone would be more encouraged to write if they know their writing won’t necessarily be sitting in a dusty pile on their desk for the rest of their life. All that hard work is more fun if you think it’ll actually get you somewhere.

Of course, I’m a little nervous, but it’ll be good practice for any future readings or talks I do! I think I’ll read part of Prince Charming to them, what do you think?

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