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Why Polly? Chapter 1 – Meet the Princess

UPDATE: Why Polly? was previously available in its entirety here. Stay tuned for an updated release in ebook and print versions–a good way to stay in the loop would be to subscribe! In the meantime, you should check out my other two novellas:

Paris in Cliches Harma-Mae Smit

Paris in Clichés

Alanna’s dream is to sit in a cafe in Paris and write—so she flies to Paris to do exactly that. But in Paris, she realizes her dream is not unique. Millions of tourists flock to Paris every year, to see the Eiffel tower and the Mona Lisa and Parisian cafes, and she is merely one of the tourist horde.

Can she blaze her own path in a city as well-loved and well-trodden as Paris? Or will she become a stereotype herself—falling in love, eating French pastries, and kissing under the Eiffel tower?

Read a short preview here.

Is He Prince Charming?

Is He Prince Charming?

How charming is Prince Charming? The royal heir has been treated like, well, royalty his whole life. So what will make this flirtatious and spoiled prince even notice the sweet-tempered Cinderella—and if he does notice her, should she put up with his behaviour?

Find out if this royal ball can end in happily-ever-after…

Here’s the synopsis:

The prince is an irresponsible flirt who won’t settle down. The king needs an heir who will grow up and take care of the kingdom. What’s the solution? A royal ball, of course.

Despite the doubts of his older sister, Princess Anastasia, the prince does meet a girl who’s different from all the others. But what’s this? A wicked stepmother, and several stepsisters? If there’s a girl who can ever learn to put up with the prince’s self-centeredness, her past may ruin this romance—and the ball!—before anyone gets a fairytale ending.

Read a short preview here.


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