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Slow Blogging, And Why You Should Blog Less

This post was planned to be an announcement of Stories and Stuff going down to one post a week for the next month or two, to give my blogging muscles a rest and to focus on fiction writing a bit more. Well, think of my surprise when I came across this slow blogging manifesto. Author Anne R. Allen points out that blogging often, at least three times a week, is great for getting Google searches to land on your page. But it is less useful for the sort of word-of-mouth promotion that really builds your readership. Quality is more important than quantity. Needless to say, this made me feel better about my decision.

Here are several of her reasons for ‘slow blogging.’ Click here to read the whole thing:

1) A slow blog has a longer life-span.

The average life span of a blog is three years. But you want your writing career to last longer than three years, don’t you? A neglected blog hanging in cyberspace is worse than none.

So you’ve got to plan a blog that’s going to beat the odds. A slow blog is more likely to do that.

2) You reach more people by commenting on other people’s blogs than by madly posting on a new blog nobody reads…

3) Busy people are less likely to subscribe/follow a blog that’s going to clutter their email inbox/rss feed every day.

4) Everybody has bad days. When you have to think of something to say on the day you got that nasty/clueless review/rejection, your emotions could leak out.

So, until further notice, this blog will be updated on Fridays from now on. Most posts will be Quotables, but I certainly will post longer ones once in a while, because when the writing bug strikes, you have to see where it leads you.

See you more regularly in a few months, and hopefully I’ll have an armload of new fiction once this is over!

What do you think – is posting more often better than posting only once a week? Or is there merit to ‘slow blogging’?

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