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Why Do Writers Write?

quotables button“Why do writers write? Because it isn’t there.”

– Thomas Berger, apparently

There never are enough good books out there. Good books exists, but once they’re read it’s hard to find another one – so I do write to fill the gap in books I love to read. On reflection, this is maybe one of the strongest drives that get me to write. You can just feel this big, gaping absence in the world, and you know it’s crying out to be filled. So you try to put the greatness you can see in your mind on paper. It’s maybe crazy at first to think you can ever be as good as your favourite author, and that anything you write will actually fill that gap for anyone else except you. After all, Tolkien, Austen, etc. were geniuses with words. But maybe, just maybe, you can produce something that starts to fill in the gap they left behind them.

I write what I love to read. I wonder if I came across my own stories and had no memory of writing them (through some strange twist of fate), if I would think I succeeded.



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