I am a contributor to the infinite stream of information that gets poured into the web each day. This is my official blog. In addition to blogging, I publish short novellas, and write articles.

What’s my particular perspective on the world? Well, I am a Christian, a female, a Canadian, and a current employee of the library system.

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Harma-Mae Smit

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16 responses to “About

  1. Lone Diamond

    I am a student too, just started back after 10years (i didn’t bother much in school) You have good story telling skills!


  2. how did you learn the craft of story telling..i need any advice or tips.


    • Hmmm, well, I mostly learned by trial-and-error. I read a lot of different authors, decided why I liked some stories and not others, and tried to put that into my writing. My first writing was awful… the only way you really can improve is to keep at it and write lots and lots. There’s also plenty of writing tips online if you google it, eg: “show, don’t tell,” etc.


  3. ronbrackin2

    Hello, Harma. Thanks for “Liking” my whimsical little poem about talking to the animals, especially since nonfiction, rather than poetry, is my principle genre. Anyway, I have a lame question for you. I’ve noticed on your site and a few other blogs that you have a Blogroll in your sidebar, and I cannot figure out for the life of me how to add it to mine. Also, I like that your Recent Posts (and your Blogroll) are bulleted, which I also like. Any tips for a 65-year-old author who is still fighting his way into the electronic world?


  4. You are so awesome…I am happy to meet you…Its nice to meet a writer around my age group…:) cool blog.


  5. I’m so happy about you and your blog. I do realize you’re improving your skills as a writer day by day. Keep writing while i keep reading your stories! Greetings from Brazil!


  6. Elyse

    This is so cool Harma! I happened to notice a link from facebook and have thoroughly creeped your blog for the last hour! Awesome stuff – of course I fell to reading your little addition to Emma – great! Oh dear… I seem to have gone a little exclamation mark happy… it does happen…!


    • Thanks for coming to look around! I wouldn’t post publicly online if I didn’t want people to creep around, so feel free to look away! I’m glad you enjoyed it!


  7. While researching a project I googled “Casablanca” and found one of your posts, then I decided to stay and browse around–nice blog! I’m a new follower.


  8. Brava, Harma-Mae! 🙂


  9. Josh A

    Interesting page — impressively prolific. I especially enjoyed your thoughts on LOTR and Macbeth.


    • Thanks for visiting! Yes, I’ve been posting regularly on this website for several years now – less often in recent years, but overall it adds up to a lot of material! Glad you enjoyed it


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