The Mother of Your Memory

“A repetição é a mãe da memória.”


Yes, a Portuguese quote this time (add this to that French quote, and we’ll have a start on going through all the language in my Quotables section!) Anyway, it means, “repetition is the mother of memory.” I am currently in Brazil, so I hope to be repeating the Portuguese I know a lot – hopefully enough so it stays in my head for a good long time! And also good enough that I learn many more phrases than I did before. Anyway, I return this week, so I should be more responsive to what’s happening in the blogsphere soon.


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4 responses to “The Mother of Your Memory

  1. Hope you are having a great trip!


  2. Alexia

    I remember reading about a Canadian actress who spoke French but didn’t know anyone who did too, so she took the habit of talking to herself in French in her room so she wouldn’t lose what she knew of the language.

    She was probably right, cause I took Spanish in junior high but I haven’t spoken it for so long that I can’t remember anything !

    Anyway, hope you had a great trip 🙂


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