The King: Chapter 30A (Why Polly?)

Hello all! This post was previously Chapter 30A, but has now been removed. But don’t despair! Why Polly? will soon be available in its entirety on Amazon.


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3 responses to “The King: Chapter 30A (Why Polly?)

  1. Alexia

    Don’t worry, I for one like this chapter as it it just fine ! But when you feel better, maybe you can edit it and I’ll re-read it !

    I guess Polly wouldn’t be very happy as Queen. She’s too free-spirited 😉


    • I plan to do a good edit at some point, so I’ll let u know if I edit this chapt 🙂 No, Polly would not make a good queen. She’d say something impolite before she’d quite thought things through.


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