Confrontation Continued: Chapter 29B (Why Polly?)

Hello all! This post was previously Chapter 29B, but has now been removed. But don’t despair! Why Polly? will soon be available in its entirety on Amazon.


(My previous version of this post contained this note of thanks: Thank you to all who’ve been reading this, especially all those who’ve stuck with me all the way to Chapter 29! We’re getting quite close to the end now, so let me say I am amazed by your dedication and comments of appreciation. I’m glad to hear from anyone likes to read this story!)


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9 responses to “Confrontation Continued: Chapter 29B (Why Polly?)

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  2. Alexia

    Hmmm… What a fight. I’m sad, it looks like the end is near… I hope you’ve been working on some other story to post here after this one is over !


  3. She’s in love with Casper *singing*


  4. Oy! I say, Oy! Leaving your poor readers hanging like that. Thank goodness we’re not left without a few clues, but still 😛 I look forward to the next chapter.


  5. Oh! And maybe the necessary motivation is a new story? *nudge nudge* 🙂


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