Further Explanation of Long Noses: Chapter 4B (Why Polly?)

UPDATE: Why Polly? was previously available in its entirety here. The first two-thirds is still available freely here – except, unfortunately, chapters 2-5 have been temporarily removed due to Amazon restrictions. They are available for purchase at Harma-Mae Smit’s Amazon page instead. But Chapter 6 on is still available in all its rough, unedited glory. And don’t despair! Improved, updated versions of ALL chapters will soon be available on Amazon.

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One response to “Further Explanation of Long Noses: Chapter 4B (Why Polly?)

  1. Alexia

    Ok, so :

    1) Love the long noses explanation. I didn’t think this would really be significant when I read the first chapter so it’s a nice surprise.

    2) I find Stefan and Casper interesting, but I really like Casper, love his “Because people always have such stupid ideas about escaping” line^^

    3) Suspect Polly’s parents are gonna have some sort of importance, maybe especially her dad who run away.

    4) Why would Stefan be immuned to the jadess ? (Just thinking out loud)

    5) I’m so frustrated right now cause I have to leave and will have to wait to know what’s next. Poor me.


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