Explanation of Long Noses: Chapter 4A (Why Polly?)

Where we last saw Polly


UPDATE: Why Polly? was previously available in its entirety here. The first two-thirds is still available freely here – except, unfortunately, chapters 2-5 have been temporarily removed due to Amazon restrictions. They are available for purchase at Harma-Mae Smit’s Amazon page instead. But Chapter 6 on is still available in all its rough, unedited glory. And don’t despair! Improved, updated versions of ALL chapters will soon be available on Amazon.





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10 responses to “Explanation of Long Noses: Chapter 4A (Why Polly?)

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  2. Alexia

    I like this story more and more. I was a bit distracted by your recap, because a trainee is definitely not an apprentice, it’s a not-so-polite way to call a woman a slut.

    This chapter was really interesting and again, you have a way of leaving me wanting to know more !


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