Sulking: Chapter 2B (Why Polly?)

So, I seem to have recovered from my sleep deprivation related to my last post, which is always good. I think that’s quite enough about royal weddings for awhile.

Polly Summers

UPDATE: Why Polly? was previously available in its entirety here. The first two-thirds is still available freely here – except, unfortunately, chapters 2-5 have been temporarily removed due to Amazon restrictions. They are available for purchase at Harma-Mae Smit’s Amazon page instead. But Chapter 6 on is still available in all its rough, unedited glory. And don’t despair! Improved, updated versions of ALL chapters will soon be available on Amazon.

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4 responses to “Sulking: Chapter 2B (Why Polly?)

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  2. Alexia

    I’m not sure if it was intended bu the first half of the chapter, and especially when she found the dresses and decided no to wear them, it strangely reminded me of Beauty in the Beast, the Disney version, when Belle discovers her room and the clothes but it’s just a … golden prison. Do you even say that in english ? Well, anyways, it made me think of that.

    I read that according to Elizabeth Goudge, in order to make a good book you have to talk in details about food, like you did with Polly’s breakfast. It’s supposedly why J.K. Rowling always gave us the details of the feists in Hogwarts.

    Also, the mention of “Most Exalted Rajah (may his years increase)” reminded me of the Tisroc ‘may he live forever’ in Narnia =)

    I thought it was a very good chapter, it doesn’t really make a difference to the plot (at least I don’t think it does) but it really helps to get into the story.


    • Yes, i probably got the idea fro the Tisroc in Narnia.
      I wrote this story awhile ago and when I started editing it before putting it up on this blog, i realized there are some parts that have too much description and not enough going on… oh well, you learn a lesson in every story you write…
      “Golden prison” is understandable… I think we say “golden cage” more often though.


  3. Alexia

    Golden cage, noted !
    I love descriptions in books, I think it’s very important in a story to set an ambiance and to get into the story. But maybe that’s just me =)


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